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An essence suffused throughout Heaven and Earth. Seasonal influences are represented in the differing qualities of the signs of the zodiac. This was called the Tropical Zodiac. Meanwhile, in India and Southeast Asia, Astrology had developed in a slightly different way. They kept faith with measuring the zodiac from the fixed star constellation of Aries. This is known as a Sidereal Zodiac.

The advent of Christianity saw a challenge to Astrology. Saint Augustine studied Astrology and criticised it; as he felt it denied free will. In successful predictions in Astrology he claimed to be aided by demons. It therefore became associated with the work of the devil.

This is still reflected in the opinions of the Vatican of today. The star of Bethlehem and the Magi Astrologers confused Christians, as they still associated Astrology with heresy and paganism. With the advent of the dark ages Astrology disappeared as a knowledge. With the disintegration of Western Europe, so also the Latin language was lost. It only survived in monasteries and indeed the only documents to survive relating to Astrology were found in the hidden corners of monasteries. They combined Greek philosophy, medicine and science with Greek Astrology.

Free will was once more accepted as possible within the Astrological models. The Hermetic view of Astrology gained strength once more, i.

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Astrology became the intellectual rigour, and was totally implicit in all Medieval science, art and medicine. When the Renaissance came along the re-emergence of Astrology was even greater. Nostradamus used Astrology extensively. Princes and Popes all used Astrologers. Elizabeth I chose her coronation day according to Astrological divinations. Either way, you win.

Astrology in Action

Note that these two tricky aspects also coincide with the Mars — Pluto trine, the grand finale of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all travelling through Virgo over the last few weeks and all making a series of aspects to the slower moving planets of Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto — the slowest of them all with a cycle of years. This aspect is especially significant for you if you have planets or angles at or close to 21 degrees of the earth signs, or if the sign of Scorpio figures largely in your own horoscope as both of these planets rule this sign.

Squares to Saturn are roadblocks.

The golden rule is not to try and force square pegs into round holes. The exact turning point is midweek but, again, like the Jupiter — Neptune square, this is part of the big backdrop for now and the next few weeks while he starts to gather speed again in the right direction —.

Saturn switching back to direct motion is like a great big cosmic foot coming off the brakes. Pay special attention to what comes up for you work wise as career moves and decisions made at this time will be important. Saturn at a universal level is strongly linked to duty and responsibility. Doing too much for another person not only leaves us feeling depleted but it can in fact disempower the other person too. With children for example it can delay the maturing process by over feeding the child-ego state. The best of Saturn is the adult-ego state of taking full and real responsibility for our own lives, actions and decisions.

By finding our own joy.

Theory of astrology: Environmental cosmology

By finding our own love. By finding our own passion and inspiration. Our only responsibility is to uplift our self, so that the person we take out into the world is one of love and inspiration, who touches and inspires others to do the same!

The title Environmental Cosmology derives from the author's understanding of the planets as an environmental code of each individual. Astrology is a convergence of common sense, intuition, and reason, which brings these streams together as a meaningful system of knowledge. To quote from the back cover, "astrology is not so much the study of stars and planets as it is the study of environmental symmetries in nature.

In this intelligent book Mr. McRitchie succeeds in his aim of improving the quality of astrological debate. Though much is aimed at removing ignorances about astrology, which to us might read as preaching to the converted, he raises many useful observations that can certainly help to improve our astrology in a practical and personal sense. To take just a couple of examples, he gives a list of complex aspect patterns yod, grand cross, etc. There are edifying thoughts like "the horizon is the axis indicating relationships of equality," while "the meridian is the axis of hierarchical relationships," plus original observations on the quadrants.

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I found it particularly interesting to read the descriptions of the different dilemmas facing cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. In all there is a great deal of astrological elucidation in these pages, fascinating because much has been arrived at or examined from a starting-point different from the norm. The book's cover depicts a fractal image showing chaotic congruence, a relevant symbol for the understanding of how the microcosm echoes the macrocosm.

McRitchie's premise is that astrology is not so much the study of the stars and planets as it is the study of environmental symmetries in nature. He explains this premise very thoroughly.

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The book opens with a chapter on critical thinking. In it, McRitchie discusses just about every tired old objection to astrology that scientists have ever thrown at us, from Astrologers haven't taken precession into account, so all their interpretations are wrong to Astrology works by placebo effect.

He gives credit to scientists where credit is due, for example, he agrees that there are no significant findings that validate compatibility of Sun Signs by element in marriage.

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