Horoscope january 9

The Star card indicates wishes so start off this year with dreaming about your greatest resolutions or things you really want to happen.

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Perhaps you want to find new love, a new job, travel somewhere new then go for it and you will receive gifts and positivity surrounding your decisions. Leo, you are confident in your intuitions and right now is the time to listen to it. Something is telling you to be careful and you should surely trust it. Take time or push back all decisions or actions until you have all the answers you need.

If you are a man, this card indicates that a dangerous woman may soon come into your life who is a bad influence. Be cautious of who you trust at this time. Virgo, your hard work and analytical lifestyle are about to give you a break.

Your daily horoscope: January 9

It may be difficult for you to not be able to expect and plan for these fun changes approaching but take it one day at a time. If you have been considering leaving your job, home, or relationship, take this as a sign that you will soon take action to complete leaving one of these. One of your unknown desires will soon be fulfilled as well!

Libra, your world of peace and fairness is being rocked right now. If you have been experiencing a good time especially within a relationship then there is a good chance that the relationship will increase in permanence and marriage may come into your cards soon. If your life is being rocked in a negative way be cautious of the path you are currently on. You can still change your ways for the better and leave behind any and all addictions. Scorpio, your passion and drive to get what you want comes naturally to you but you know that you always have to work and hustle, however, recently you may be feeling that everything is perfect.

If you have been feeling sick or are suffering you are going to get better and should take this period to rest and have faith that any disappointments will get better. This is a new fresh start from a difficult period so go be social and celebrate with your friends or soon to be family if you have been trying! Sagittarius, your sense to achieve your goals is powerful and with your curiosity, you may need to seek help to fully guide you to success. Now is the time to find a positive influence and seek guidance from a significant male in your life, whether he be your husband, father, or priest.

This is a time of self-assurance for you that you are capable of doing and influencing those around you to achieve what you want. These behaviors will only set you back so instead focus on your positive, responsible, and disciplines characteristics. This is a time of movement and change in your life but your conflicts will end in victory for you if you can control your temper. Aquarius, now is a confusing and frustrating time for you.

Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, January 9

You may be getting blackmailed and allowing yourself to be the victim in a negative situation or you are playing the victim in order to manipulate others. First, use your problem-solving abilities and deep thinking skills to come up with who or what you have to get rid of to bring more health into your life. Then take action and rid that thing or person from your life and you will be able to see how well this will benefit your life. Pisces, you are always so strong for other people and are there for them whenever they need it but now is the time where you have to stop and think of your self.

You want and need to find strength and the will to see through your achievements and achieve what you want. While taking the time to think of yourself and see your own success make sure that everything you do is not from a place of aggressive authority but tolerance as this time can be stressful and feel unnatural to you.

Put your fears of not being able to take care of other out of mind in order to rest and develop positive attitudes towards balance in helping others and yourself. But when time comes to be gloomy, which happens quite often, everything changes and flips upside down.

Your Daily Horoscope For January 9,

Then not even giving presents or buying anything will bring them the slightest amount of pleasure. On the contrary — they can then demonstrate unusual avarice. What threatens them. Their too conflicting and aggressive nature can lead them to great difficulties in life.

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