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For you, April will be quite similar to March. You have the same contagious romantic mood, which flows through your veins and you maintain your playful spirit in the bedroom.

Professionally, it is possible to develop an appetite for business, investments, or acquisitions. Now is the time to apply for a grant or subvention, you will make some nice money in exchange. Avoid food excesses!

Virgo Monthly Horoscope: February 12222

For you, May comes with confusing perspectives in love. Neptune misleads you and makes you vulnerable in front of lies, so you can end up making the wrong choices in your personal life. Professionally, chances of getting a specialization, taking classes, study or trips may occur. Success is coming your way, but not without obstacles and many headaches.

~Virgo February 2019~Revealing The Truth~Virgo February Tarot Reading

You have a good physical tonus. June is a prolific period for you, beautiful moments in two are in sight, a lot of fun and a perfect balance between affection, friendship, sensuality, and other main ingredients for your general wellbeing. Money and career are stagnant. The house of money is active during this month for Virgo, this is why some unexpected gains may occur. The greater the sums collected, the more extensive the spending will be. A change in your love life is predicted, either you will meet someone new, or you will get through some transformations in your current relationship.

Romance will get comfortable in the Virgo sign, thanks to Neptune, which halts in the couple house. Your weakened immune system may cause minor health issues. You will fall in love again with the intelligence of your partner and you will have endless discussions together because Venus is in transit through the mind house and makes you more communicative and open.


Be more temperate in your love! The Virgo natives enjoy peace, harmony, and understanding in the couple life, right from the first days of October.

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The natives become more interested in an intellectual compatibility with their partner and they are willing to forget the past conflicts in order to maintain the calm in their personal life. October brings a lot of sentimental stability to the natives of this zodiac sign. Which of these habits are actually just a waste of time or even bordering on destructive? Dare to be honest with yourself — This is the first step for any real process of transformation. Next, look at what you are hoping to achieve this year. Perhaps you have planted the seed already?

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Maybe you are already beginning to see the first new growth? In fact, small and achievable is great… as long as it is something that ignites a spark of hope and excitement in your heart.

If your goal is related to taking back control of your health and wellbeing on every level of your being — mind, body and spirit — You are welcome to join our newly started SWIFT Spirit Warrior Intermittent Fasting Transformation group on FB for mutual support and encouragement. Finally, use your powers of imagination and visualisation to help set specific short- and long-term goals for the year ahead.

This Virgo Full Moon Tarot spread that I created a couple of years ago might come in handy for this part of the process. Create your new daily routine based on the insights and clarity you gain this way. You will find it easier than usual to create the necessary changes if you use the momentum of the Virgo Full Moon to first drop all the habits that hold you back from full health, vitality and productivity.

May your garden be filled with beautiful, fragrant blossoms and the most delicious nutritious foods this year! Book a Tarot Soul Coaching reading via email with Lisa today!

The February Second Candle – Birthdate Candles

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