February 22 weekly horoscope

If you have an exam coming up, prepare for it timely. You may get some good news this week. If you advice anyone from your family or friend circle then they will take it seriously.

Not a good week for you ahead. If you are in a relationship then there are chances of breakup. You need to take care of your relationships, there are chances that you face issues in your friend circle. There can be arguments in the family with your elders or children.

Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here: February 22 - March 1

Try to maintain balance in your relationships. Take special care of your pet. You need to be very alert this week. Someone is planning to harm you. This is the time you focus on your career. You will be able to finalise your pending deals. You may get some good news. If you have been looking forward to a wedding in the house then start preparing. Not a good week for Scorpios ahead. You are working hard to get good results but things may not happen according to you. This can lead to a lot of anger and depression. Keep calm and meditate.

It is time you spend some quality time with your partner.

February 22 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for February 22th

If you have been planning to start a new project, start with a partner if possible. You may be that much more susceptible to picking up flu bugs. Synchronicity may also play a role and lead you right into the nest. Yet, with awareness, you can divert your focus and avoid it.

Your daily horoscope: February 22

Wash your hands and boost your immune system. You have been… reminded. A creative cycle is underway. You may want to engage it with contemplative moments that allow you to dream more than take action. You are keen to increase your lot, however, and this does require effort.

Also, changes are brewing on relationship fronts and these should already be quite evident. As you look to the future, your thoughts are philosophical. As is probably true of many others of late, you feel expansive yet also strongly drawn inward. The Pisces effect of the fish swimming in opposite directions comes to mind.

Discernment must be engaged whether to and when to swim against the current, pause and hold your position or retreat for a while. The third option is likely, at least what you would choose if you could.

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You may fare better than most during this Pisces season. So strong is it that it will influence Aries time as well. No shadow for the groundhog is one of the signs. Yet, this just might prove to be the rhythm and flow you yearn for at this time. Still, you too must dig a little deeper to access hidden reserves of faith. Doing so could prove productive, even. Circumstances are pushing you to focus harder than you would otherwise choose. You yearn to enter new territory and activate a fresh start, especially regarding your social network. You are wise to do so, at least between now and autumn as Jupiter entering Sagittarius may not produce as many opportunities later.

Look for the openings. You have entered an expansive period. It refers to your career and social status in general. Mercury in your sign is in one of its more challenging signs, yet you may be able to harness its power.

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Ironically, this may prove especially true when it turns retrograde in a couple of weeks. Make efforts to turn the tide and get a momentum going now, you will need it. Your email address will not be published.

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February 22 weekly horoscope
February 22 weekly horoscope
February 22 weekly horoscope
February 22 weekly horoscope
February 22 weekly horoscope
February 22 weekly horoscope
February 22 weekly horoscope

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