Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith

Cancer, the Moon is in your zodiac sign all weekend. You will feel like making some changes in the home. Your attention may also turn towards family and saving money.

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With the Sun in Scorpio, you'll want to avoid any strong personality that can put you down in the dumps. Maybe this weekend, you can have the chance to get away and give yourself some space between you.

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Maybe things will cool off and everything will go back to the way things were. Leo, so many things to look forward to right now, and romance is just one of them. With the Sun in Scorpio preparing to leave soon, you'll feel the need to do something different this weekend. Thanks to Jupiter enhancing your creative side and love for all things romantic, take the initiative. Be creative and think out of the box.

You never know what's out there and you may just find something you are really interested in doing on a regular basis. Virgo, now that Mercury is retrograde, you're starting to get some creative ideas on self-improvement. You might even feel excited about starting a new adventure, traveling with friends or getting your writing done. Now that the Sun is preparing to enter Sagittarius you need to listen to your body and your emotions, especially if you're going to be returning home for the holidays.

Maybe you need to take this weekend to breathe and focus on yourself. Do something for you and come to peace with what has happened in the past.

Cancer romantic horoscope today

It will all be OK. Libra, you must feel relieved that Mars will soon be leaving your zodiac sign! All that intensity is fun, but only for a short time. You have been a bit less productive than you would like to be. Perhaps even feeling as though your distractions have gotten the best of you. However, with Venus in Sagittarius, you need to understand that however you feel, talking won't get the job done.

You need to move forward and handle your relationships, whether familial, friend, or romantic, with your charmful tact that everyone adores. As the Moon transits Cancer this weekend you can get a lot of work done and feel great about the progress you've made over the next few days. Fights happen. Time heals all wounds, but letting yourself dwell on the negatives is never worth it.

Scorpio, with this being the last weekend for the Sun in your sign, you still have time to go shopping and get the things you wanted for your wardrobe or to change up your style for the winter's fashion season. As Jupiter remains in your second house of finances, you can reward yourself for all the great benefits you've gleaned during this year. Your ancient ruler Mars is leaving Libra next week, and so things seemed to be creeping back up from the past can begin to resolve on their own soon. Sagittarius, your personal planet ruler is in your sign but not for too long. You are starting to see some changes and these are going to be financially beneficial for you which is a good thing!

The Sun in Scorpio has not made life that easy for you. You've had to work twice as hard than you ever did.

However, good times are looking up. You may get the structure and aid you need. You'll feel the positive shift this weekend, as you are in for the time of your life.


Go out, have some fun and explore. You never know who is waiting for you just around the corner. Capricorn, your ruling planet Saturn has been helping you to see the world in the way it was meant to be. You can feel defeated or motivated but you have a choice to make that can move your life forward. This weekend, you are going to face some obstacles this weekend that you need to focus on to overcome.

Have some fun while you take on these challenges and make them your not so nice word. Aquarius, with Uranus in Taurus, things have felt a bit restrictive but you're on top of the challenges and doing all you can to keep things afloat. You have been working nonstop for a while now, maybe it's time to take a weekend just for you. You cannot go twenty-four-seven without any breaks, it's just not good for your sanity or health.

Pisces, Neptune has been making lots of communication with Venus, the Sun and the Moon this week. It's hard to know what's what at times, but clarity is starting to come to you. You may be feeling a bit lonely but you are really truly never alone.

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Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith
Cancer february 2020 horoscope barbara goldsmith

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