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We have a really exciting future ahead. We really want to see our educational programming expand into middle school. While Mandeville may have her hands full at Harwood, she also has the responsibility of being a co-founder of ArtBar by Catalyst Club.

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ArtBar is a non-profit bar solely dedicated to funding arts organizations. Mandeville and her three co-founders came together through the Tricklock Theatre Company, started thinking outside the box, and ArtBar was born. Regardless of what happens in the future, Mandeville is confident she will remain in Albuquerque working at Harwood while thinking up more creative ideas to raise money for local art through Catalyst Club. People are so open and eager to collaborate and so supportive of different projects.

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People here seem so genuine in their efforts to improve the community. If we all take a page out of her book and vigorously pursue our passions, Albuquerque would be a happier and even more creative place to be. As this museum has grown, so has the need for good people behind the scenes. What could be a more perfect fit?

And how does a woman from Ohio head to Colorado and then make her home in New Mexico? Next, finding a position in the Rockies with the Taylor Museum.

And while there, getting an M. Considering what this job entails, it takes someone who can wear many hats, which includes overseeing of all art museum functions including artistic or curatorial direction , collections, exhibitions, educational and public programs, human resources, finances, fundraising,. Wright said she is fully aware of the people who have helped the museum over the years, and how a lot of donors are wary of where their money is going.

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How does a museum supported by the city stay relevant? Persistence meets passion Marjorie Devon, longtime Tamarind Institute director, is grateful to work in a creative atmosphere. Founded originally in Los Angeles in , the studio moved to Albuquerque in and has had a considerable impact on the world of printmaking, specifically lithography. At a time when the medium was nearly extinct, Tamarind revived the passion for high-quality and unique artwork created through a highly collaborative process between artist and master printer.

I went to college, majored in French, and then decided I wanted to be a part of the creative world. I studied design at Berkeley, then moved to New Mexico in He was a demanding boss, from whom I learned a lot.

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It is a truly collaborative environment, with each artist sharing in the process of creation and critique, developing new ideas and communicating about artistic ideas to share with the world. The program still offers apprenticeships and intense training programs for those who are serious about honing their printing skills. Devon explains that one of the more challenging parts of the job is dealing with bureaucracy.

Life seems to take us where we go with paths unknown, but recognize opportunities and pursue them. Grow with the job you have and you will be able to start shaping the world around you. The gathering place New National Hispanic Cultural Center director looks to foster a culture of collaboration. Veronica N. Avitia is a young and exciting leader with a formidable record of accomplishment. Circuit Court of Appeals.

RA: Good question.

Weekly Alibi interviews Dan Lewis, candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque

The challenge laughs. My college degree is in sociology and over the years I have taken leadership roles in Hispanic cultural groups, so when this position was posted, I realized that I would get to do, as my job, what I had been enjoying doing at the end of my work days as a lawyer.

So that was really exciting. It was like taking my passion and making it my real paying job — an opportunity too good to pass up. Are you an artist? I did dance ballet and flamenco, but my passion is more place-making for the Hispanic community. I have a real interest in nurturing all the richness in the Hispanic community. Of course, the arts is a huge part. I grew up in Albuquerque, but I spent my summers staying with her in Puerto Rico, and I would follow her into basements and examine old papers and records.

Is your vision that this is all Hispanic culture from many lands? We run the whole spectrum. I think one of my goals is not to try and avoid the tension. I really want to engage with that tension. We should be local and national. Would you say it is art and music that bind them together?

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RA: Yes, a fine example is the Asuro collective, of which we now have an exhibit. Art is a natural way to talk about what ties the community and culture together, but there are other ways. An example would be sports, such as soccer and its place in the Hispanic community.

RA: I would like to think so. The center has always had really strong women in the programs here, though none in this position until now. So, there is a special moment in time with this alignment. I think that women are traditionally required to. So, I feel it lends a perspective that applies to, not just women, but to all people in our community.

The Essential Paranormal Bucket List: 100 Mysterious Things to Investigate Before You Die

I have a four year old myself and I know about that balancing act. RA: A couple of things we are going to focus on include trying to make our art museum a welcoming place for families — make it a place to bring your four-year-old. For our performance space, we are going to be looking at being able to offer educational programming during shows, so that a parent can enjoy it, and we can be engaging children too. And we have wonderful summer institutes on poetry and circus and such for youth, and we. One of my hopes for this place is creating programming with the community, instead of for the community.

Our challenge is to create something worth funding. I think we have more than enough people willing to support the center. We just need to light the spark, to engage them. We are going to be doing our first ever strategic planning by June. We have already come up with collaboration plans, such as a mural tour through Albuquerque. Bringing in major international projects, such as ISEA Machine Wilderness, this innovative venue functions more as an interactive learning space than a traditional gallery. Sbarge works on a multitude of tasks as director, from curating to marketing, fundraising to graphic design and everything in-between.

Functioning as an independent, non-profit arts and education organization, ARTS operates a museum-style gallery along with a variety of public programs, drawing international audiences while offering educational tours and community activities.


Additionally, Sbarge boasts an extensive portfolio of collage and multimedia pieces, represented by many galleries throughout the country. In a conversation with Local iQ, Sbarge explained how she originally became involved with the art world. The organization is debt-free and meets all of its program goals, in spite of functioning on a shoestring with no stable funding sources from year to year. That said, we always manage to do what we set out to do. Now, if you have an entrepreneurial sensibility, you can design your own career. Years later, in travel around Europe, I fell in love with each corner artisan chocolatier.

Moving to Albuquerque, I was frustrated that I could not find that same experience — a place where one could linger over an artisan hot chocolate or dessert, so I decided to create it myself. We provide the ultimate chocolate sensory experience. At our intimate shop, you can sit at our marble bar while sipping a latte or hot chocolate and watch us handcraft the chocolate treats. Our classes for kids and adults allow you to experience chocolate making hands on.

alibi albuquerque horoscope Alibi albuquerque horoscope
alibi albuquerque horoscope Alibi albuquerque horoscope
alibi albuquerque horoscope Alibi albuquerque horoscope
alibi albuquerque horoscope Alibi albuquerque horoscope
alibi albuquerque horoscope Alibi albuquerque horoscope

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